Barty's Kids Club Ltd
Open Monday 
to Friday 7.30am to 6.30pm
Within our setting we provide a range of activities for all children, the children are encouraged to choose these independently.
Our club provides varied and challenging activities, indoors and outdoors, ensuring that all play opportunities are offered at each
Each child can choose what they like to do and join in the activities, which at all times adhere to both equal opportunities and health and safety.
Activities include
Playground Equipment Dance & Drama Face Painting Games & Puzzles Homework Quiet Corner Science Cooking Creative Writing
Construction Messy Play Arts & Crafts Football Karaoke PC (for learning, playing and homework) Video Gaming, Films & DVDs etc
All our activities are flexible and adaptable according to the children's requests and needs. Whatever they decide the emphasis is always on FUN!
OFSTED Registered EY499626
Rear 5, School Street, Westhoughton. BL5 2BG
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